Residential & Commercial Leases

Residential Leases

Residential tenancies are governed under the Residential Tenancies Act of 2004. It is very important from both the Landlord and the Tenant's perspective that a formal tenancy agreement is in place. It provides for clarity between the parties on a whole range of issues, whilst also protecting the interests of both parties.

We can advise both landlord and tenants of their rights and obligations under the current residential tenancy legislation.


Commercial Leases

Commercial leases are complex and detailed contracts. It is important that you seek legal advice if you are considering entering into one. Commercial leases are drafted to reflect the type of property being let for example; office, retail or industrial. They can be for a short term i.e. less than five years or long term. Long term leases usually contain more onerous obligations on the tenant in relation to the upkeep and repair of the property.


If you need advice in relation to a lease, or would like Daniel Gormley & Co. to prepare either a Residential or Commercial Lease, contact us for an appointment.  





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