Notary Public

Daniel Gormley is a Notary Public in and for the County of Monaghan and is Commissioned for Life. 

A Notary Public is a public officer constituted by law to serve the public in non contentious matter usually concerned with foreign or international business. The acts of Notaries have worldwide recognition.

Daniel Gormley has vast experience in this area and provides a professional notarial service to individuals and businesses in the area. 

As a Notary Public Mr. Gormley can:

  • attest signatures 
  • administer oaths
  • authenticate documents for use abroad
  • take Affidavits other than for the courts in Ireland
  • take affirmations and declarations

You may need the services of a Notary Public if you are:

  • buying or selling property abroad
  • working abroad
  • adopting from a foreign country
  • getting married abroad
  • engaged in litigation abroad
  • setting up a business abroad
  • trading in foreign countries

If you need to see a Notary Public you should contact our offices to arrange an appointment: Contact Us

When seeking the services of a Notary Public you will be required to bring proof of identification and proof of address.

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